A Risqué Alphabet #1 - C is for Consent with Hello Rooster

I am so happy to introduce the first episode of a Risqué Alphabet, Risqué first production! I would like to thank Samy, for the production, and Hello Rooster who has been more than a guest, they fully took part to the thinking and production and have been a real asset to this first episode.

A little bit of history…

I had this podcast in mind for a long long time and it took me some time to know exactly what I wanted to do with this medium. I remember experiencing with sound recording at Risqué #3, asking the guests to ‘leave a message’ on a voice recorder. Samy edited the recordings and I loved the outcome: it was a beautiful way to capture the moment, the energy while keeping people’s anonymous. Loved it so much I shared it on this website to show a bit of Risqué to the world.

another sex-positive podcast?

With a Risqué Alphabet, I hand the microphone to a guest and record their thoughts on a word related to sex. I chose not to make it an interview so you can experience what happens at Risqué where I am here to introduce you to one another. I want this podcast to be about you and the guest, and your thoughts. I hope you will enjoy the format and if you think you didn’t have enough of my voice, come to Risqué some time, you may even meet the guest!

c is for consent with hello rooster

In C is for Consent, the first episode of a Risqué Alphabet, I hand the microphone to Hello Rooster to talk about consent. Starting with this topic was important to me since back then Risqué was heading towards the first party of its history. Meeting Hello Rooster at that special time, I felt my life was perfectly aligned with the universe. Forget about life frenzy, hit play, listen carefully and let your own thoughts flow.

A word from hello rooster

The information below has been shared by Hello Rooster to help you go further in your reflection on consent.


When thinking about consent, there are some things to consider that will help you. These are tools that have definitely helped me expand my knowledge and thoughts regarding consent and sexual boundaries.

* Triangle of consent: Communication, Power and Agency.
* What If We Treated All Consent Like Society Treats Sexual Consent?

* On sex menu, boundary lists & user manual:
HD User Manual v1.0
I gave my partner a list of things I want during sex — and it was a total disaster
A "sex menu" can help you reclaim your sexual pleasure — here's how to make one
The Rise Of 'Sex Menus': Cataloguing Your Kinks

* Traffic light of consent by @alex.der.matis 
"I don't see consent as an on-n-off switch. I see it as a spectrum of green, yellow and red, with infinite shades in-between."

Hello Rooster

Hello Rooster is currently fundraising for a legal battle seeking justice following sexual assault. You can read more here.