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I am so not a big fan of Facebook and don’t believe it is as relevant as Instagram for my brands so for the moment I use the social network without spending too much time and money on it. What there is to do to grow an audience on that good ol’ social network when resources are scarce? Below are a few tips quickly actionable I highly recommend you to try to aim at a SMART goal and reach it.


Forget about facebook ads

Be a dear, be a skinflint.

test and learn & test again

Regularly analyse your audience and posts performance using the Insights section of your page to draw out conclusions, test new tactics, analyse again, etc. Below is a short tutorial to get you going to post at the best time, monitor your performance, compare with the competition, learn from your previous posts and improve their quality.

Access the right data

Facebook No Ads_1.png

Visit your page.

Click on Insights.

Access “Posts” Insights.

Check out when your fans are online depending on days and times. The data are based on a recent week period with times according to your computer time zone.

This is where it’s happening! Now let’s see what to do with these data

Know when to posts

Click on the line graph.

Check out the exact number of fans online for a given time.

Facebook No Ads_4.png

Click on the bar graph.

Check out the exact number of fans online for a given day and look at the line graph giving you the number of fans online on that day compared to the weekly average.

Use these graphs to identify the exact day and time for your posts to enjoy a maximum reach, i.e. when the most of fans are online. Above for instance, Friday at 7pm is a good start, Friday at 1am should be avoided by any means! Whatever how often you want to post, pick as many slots needed.

Know how you perform and what type of post is best

Facebook No Ads_5.png

Click on “Post types”.

Check out what types of post are performing the most. Look at their average reach (how many users saw them) and their average engagement (how many reactions, comments and shares they triggered). Calculate the engagement on reach (engagement divided by reach) and engagement rate (engagement divided by number of fans) to see how well each type performs compared to the others.

Use these data to calculate engagement on reach and engagement rate to see how you perform and decide on what type of post to focus on. My engagement on reach above is 12% for video (25+8)/270, 7% for photo (10+2)/171 and 12% for links (14+1)/125. Links are not that bad! Taking into account my 735 followers, I have an engagement rate of 4.5% for video (25+8)/735, 1.6% for photo (10+2)/725 and 2.0% for links (14+1)/735. Videos rule… Common knowledge.


Click on “Top posts…”.

Facebook offers to watch competitors pages, use it! Click on “Add Pages” to set up competitors you want to watch and look how their top posts perform.

Benchmark anyone? Looking at competitors top posts is a good way to define a SMART goal! Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based… Don’t look at the reach! Not relevant. Use these data to calculate the engagement rate (engagement/fans) of your top performing competitor and aim at it within 3 months, 6 months. Above, looking at the best, I should aim at 12% (138/1,145). Remember my video 4.5% engagement rate, there you go! Let’s aim at bringing this to 12% in 3 months! This is the goal!

Know what to post

Scroll down to see more.

This is where you will get a better view of how each of your post is performing: date and time, post preview, type of post, users targeted, reach, engagement.

Use these data for a broad analysis without overthinking it. Above for instance, I see two posts that perform way better! These are those on the 19th of December and 8th of December, respectively a video and a contest with product giveaway. Interesting, right? And what with those posts with no engagement?! This page needs a serious make over!

Facebook No Ads_8.png

Click on “Reach”.

If, like me, you don’t use Facebook ads, I strongly advise to look at the “Reach: Fans/Non-Fans”. It will tell you how your posts are reaching your fans and other users.

Use the data below to see how your posts reach Fans and Non-Fans. See the 8th of December post? Its great reach is due to an exceptional number of Non-Fans. This post was a contest and I guess the CTA (call-to-action) for sharing as a condition to take part is the secret here. Impressive to note that the post was only shared 5 times. See how each share counts?

Click on “Reactions, …”.

Choose to look at “Posts clicks/reactions, comments & shares”. It will give you a clear split of your total engagement in terms of reactions, comments & shares.

Always start with a wide look and then look at what picks your interest to understand what happened and improve. Use the data above to see how many post clicks your posts triggered. It’s quite relevant for videos and link. Look at the video posted on the 19th of December, it got a 25 post clicks. Apart from this one, posts are not performing well. Use the data below to know how many reactions, comments & shares your posts triggered. Look at the contest of the 8th of December, it got 4 reactions and only 1 share, which makes the impact of sharing on the reach to Non-Fans even more interesting!

Facebook No Ads_9.png

“Boost Post”.

Nooooooo!!! Remember this is a post to help you manage without Facebook Ads 🤓Just making sure you were still with me. It’s a long post, I know. Bear with me or share your being bored in the comments.

Another thing you can see from the data above is that comments are quasi inexistant on this page, CTA for comments would be helpful (like I did just above). I would actually suggest to mix both CTA for sharing and comments as sharing improves greatly the reach but comments make the page more “homy” so may trigger more fans in the long run.

Change the view for “Post hides, …”.

Enough looking at the engagement, check out what posts are doing wrong with this view showing negative actions performed by users on your posts.

Use the information above to see if some posts triggered negative actions. Looking at this page, I see that the video of the 19th of December and the photo of the 6th of December triggered a negative action from one user. For the video, I guess it may have been a Non-Fan so let’s not panic, for the photo though, the content being explicit, I will keep an eye on it to do better.

Change the view for “Engagement Rate”.

Remember the engagement rate I told you about? Well it’s not… What Facebook calls engagement rate is what I called above the engagement on reach but it’s not a problem.

Use the information above to see your top performing posts. Looking at it this way, the contest of the 8th of December didn’t perform that well. The two top performing posts are the video of the 19th of December and a poll on the 14th of December. Seems like polls should be given another chance!

make the most of each post

Once you’ve analysed your posts and defined your engagement rate goal and a few action plans to reach it (e.g.: reach 12% engagement rate by 3 months with 3 post per week on specific days and times, a focus on videos, polls & contest and constant CTA for comments or share). There are few other things that can make a difference.


Posts can be targeted as are ads, give it a try with targets relevant to your brand (gender, location, etc.) and polish your content.

be time relevant

When timing, try slots when people are off work and give weekends a try with relevant content, think weekend vibe.

Think Facebook Live

Think of a regular rendez-vous where a Facebook Live would be relevant and stick to it.

use the story

Automatically share your Instagram Story with your Facebook page (don’t do that with your posts though!).

post events

Run events (online or offline) and advertise them with the event feature (could be your Facebook Live above for instance).

Promote your page

Share your page on your other social accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. and your blog.

touch your fans

Engage your fans with emotional CTA (call to action) like ‘share this if…’, ‘like this if…’, ‘leave a comment if…’.

have your fans work (a bit)

Regularly remind your fans to get notifications from your page with clear and up to date instructions.

I will try to keep this list updated on a regular basis. Is there anything you do that wasn’t mentioned here? Feel free to share it in the comment if like me you’re not a fan of Facebook but still have to deal with it on a daily basis…