Say no to gender-pricing

Let me introduce you to a series of posts on those things I wish will disappear very soon from the sex scene because they go against my values as a feminist and sex-positive person. Episode 1: let’s kick its ass to gender-pricing!

what is gender-pricing?

Gender-pricing is the practice of charging a different price for the same consumer goods or services on the basis of gender. You may have heard of it as recent research by the Times found price differences across a range of items targeted at particular genders, with those marketed at women 37% more expensive on average. Razors anyone?

Gender-pricing on the sex scene

On the scene or not actually, you will often see gender-pricing a practice of parties or clubs who chose to charge single women way less than single men and couples. We’re all familiar with nights out priced over £100 for couples, over £50 for single men and under £30 for single women. Amusingly here, gender-pricing seems to favour women. But is it? Really?

Why does gender-pricing still exist?

Honest party organisers will tell you they do it to attract women attending on their own because they are key to a successful party. Others, those pretending their parties ‘empower women’, will say it makes up for the gender pay gap or other inequalities. Bull… Do you want to make up for these inequalities? Focus on annihilating them, don’t use that hypocritical plaster on them.

Why say no to gender-pricing?

Remember what we say about Facebook? ‘If you are not paying for the product, it’s because you are the product.’ Sorry to say that, a woman attending a gender-priced party: is the product, is paying for it and may encounter couples and men feeling entitled to whatever with her on the basis that they subsidised her ticket. Not really a good start for a fun night…

how to say no to gender-pricing?

From the easiest to the most complicated thing to do: boycott gender-priced events, share this post on social media, write to companies hosting gender-priced events to change their pricing policy.

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