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Boost your Facebook page performance for free πŸš€

I am so not a fan of Facebook… Unfortunately, for some of my clients this is a place to be as any other social media, still without spending too much on it. So what there is to do to grow an audience on that good ol’ social network when you don’t want to spend a penny? Below are a few tips quickly actionable I highly recommend you to try.

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Kick start a pro Instagram account like a (Girl)Boss ✌🏼

Instagram can be so frustrating sometimes when you see those beautiful feeds around and you feel like it’s just impossible for whatever reason: time, skills, etc. I felt the same, many of my friends felt the same, that was enough for me to investigate. After giving two personal lectures in the last two days (hello Orlagh, hello Sarah!), I decided to make an blog post out of it.

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Need an intern on a budget? 😬 This is what I did!

I believe there are entrepreneurs out there who can be great mentors and have something valuable to offer to students. If you are one of them and on a budget, let me share with you a few tips on making a successful intern recrutement. If you are not sure but find it appealing to recruit an intern, remember that a work placement should bring a lot to the students…

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