Risqué F.A.Q.


What’s the Risqué cocktail party? It’s a monthly event I host for Risqué members to meet up and connect with each other at a cocktail bar where I book a space for us. Expect around 50 people with a vibe similar to a friends get-together in a cool East London spot with our own bar tenders, me as your friend/wing-woman and your fellow members of Risqué being sex-positive, open-minded, looking for friends/play partners. Entry is £20 per person (early bird tickets are £15).

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What do you mean by sex-positive? Sex-positivity is an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation. Risqué promotes this.

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Who will be there? People sharing a certain mindset (open-mindedness, self-care, education, curiosity). Risqué doesn’t discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, body type, disability, age or whatever is it that you eat…

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OK, but what if I need more than a shared mindset to play with someone? I totally understand that! I do myself. This is why I make sure each edition of Risqué gathers a diverse group so everyone can experience that little crush with one or more guests.

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So it’s a play party! Right? Non ! But if you click with other members of Risqué you are more than welcome to throw one or attend one together whenever, wherever. And let me know! I love to hear that Risqué got you laid! Oh and before I forgot, we did this once…

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Are there regulars? Yes! But here again there is a good balance of regulars and newbies. And I am quite happy to share that when regulars don’t come back, it’s because they are busy that day and they always ask me to keep them in the loop.

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How are the feedbacks? Whether curious, beginner or connoisseur, Risqué members love it because they meet new people, discover hot stuff to do in the London scene, share their experience and learn from others’.

We love it

Oh my God!!! What’s the age range? Hahahaha… That .gif right? Expect people to be mostly late twenties to late-thirties with a few exception of mature early-twenties members and young at heart over forty-year olds.

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Will there be a lot of kittens? I am sorry but Risqué is a community of lovely humans. Although we love animals, especially cats and dogs, only humans allowed. Désolée… You may use Google to find kittens in London.

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OK understood, but what about the group dynamic? Although Risqué promotes a non-gender biased approach, to make a group of couples, single womxn, mxn and non binary humans enjoyable to everyone, the ratios are: min. 30% single womxn, max. 20% single mxn.

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Can I see pictures of members? What are the chances for me to get laid? If you really want me to answer these questions, please don’t apply. I don’t think you get the vibe and what we are trying to do with Risqué.

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How can I join? Click on “I want to come” below and fill in the form to book me for a video call so we can discuss your application. If you identify as a man and plan to attend on your own, you need to be referred by a member of Risqué to book a video call, this is non negotiable.